Overview of the Event


April 17th-22nd, 2016

Golf courses

・Phoenix Country Club
・Miyazaki Country Club
・Aoshima Golf Club
・UMK Country Club

Organizing Committee

World Association of Left-Handed Golfers (W.A.L.G.)
National Association of Left-handed Golfers Japan (N.A.L.G. Japan)

Executive Committee

Chairman of W.A.L.G. Richard Davison
Chairman of N.A.L.G. Japan  Tom Waki
Tournament President Kenji Kushima
Tournament Secretary Naoya Yamada


Miyazaki Prefecture
Miyazaki City
Miyazaki Convention and Visitors Bureau
Miyazaki Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Japan Golf Association
Golf Union Kyushu
Miyazaki Golf Association
UMK (Broadcasting company)
MRT (Broadcasting company)
MIYANICHI (Newspaper company)

Official Travel Agent

Nippon Travel Agency Miyazaki Branch


・abc corporation
・Nippon Travel Agency Miyazaki Branch
・Miyakoh Holdings
・Phoenix Resort

Tournament Schedule

Apr.17 (Sun)

■ 10:00〜17:00
【Player Registration】
Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort 1st floor Special counter

■ 18:00〜20:00
【Welcome Party】
「Room ''Rangyoku''」Seagaia Convention Center 4th floor
※buffet style

Apr,18 (Mon)

■ 9:00〜
【Aoshima Golf Club】
・Super senior

■ 9:00〜
【Phoenix Country Club】

Apr,19 (Tue)

■ 09:00〜
【Phoenix Country Club】
・Super senior

■ 09:00〜
【UMK Country Club】


Free Day (sightseeing, etc..)


■ 09:00〜
【UMK Country Club】
・Super senior

■ 09:00〜
【Miyazaki Country Club】


■ 08:00〜
【Miyazaki Country Club】
・Super senior

■ 08:00〜
【Aoshima Country Club】

■ 08:56〜
【Phoenix Country Club】

■ 19:00~21:00
「Awards Ceremony and Dinner Party」
Room 'KOYO' Miyazaki Kanko Hotel East Wing 3rd floor

Bus Pick up

Bus timetable, click here(PDF)

Sightseeing Tour

We will pick you up at Miyazaki Kanko Hotel and M’s Clair Hotel Miyazaki. (If there are not enough people to join a tour it may be cancelled.)
All of the above tours include LUNCH.

April 18 (MON)

【Kumamoto course】
Dep. 8:30(Sheraton)-Kumamoto castle-Suizenji park-Arr.17:30(Sheraton)

April 19 (TUE)

【Kagoshima course】
Dep. 9:00(Sheraton)-Mt.Sakurajima-(Ferry)-Senganen park-Arr.17:30(Sheraton)

April 20 (WED)

【Takachiho course】
Dep. 9:00(Sheraton)-Takachiho Gorge-Amanoiwato Shrine-Arr.16:30(Sheraton)

Dep. 9:00(Sheraton)-Aoshima Shrine-Old Town OBI(Look around)-Arr.16:00(Sheraton)

April 21 (THUR)

【Kirishima course】
Dep. 9:00(Sheraton)-Shochu Factory-Takachiho Farm-Kirishima Shrine Arr.17:00(Sheraton)

April 22 (FRI)

【Hitoyoshi course】
Dep. 9:00(Sheraton)-Miso Factory-River Cruise-Arr.16:00(Sheraton)

About Name Tags

There are 3 name tags. Please confirm your name when you get them at the player registration.

■ Name tag 1
For your golf bag

■ Name tag 2
For your tote bag (Personalized)

■ Name tag 3
For welcome party(for admission of both Welcome and Prize Giving Party)

The ID number written on tags are needed for admission at each course/event. Please do not lose them.

Tournament Headquarters


Tournament headquarters are as follows : Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort 5th floor "Earth Room"

April 17th
from 10:00 to 17:00 at player registration venue(1st floor of Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort)

April 18th・19th・21th
from 7:00 to 11:00, 16:00 to 22:00

April 20th
from 15:00 to 22:00 (including player registration for 2 day tournamet)

Ten-Time Award

A person who has attended WALG Championship ten times at this time, could you come to Head Quarters of WALG, on the 5th floor of Sheraton Hotel, to make sure your registration for the award by Tuesday evening.

Information Desk

An Information desk will be paired with tournament headquarters. Any information about the tournament, restaurants, sightseeing, etc. is available here.


【Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort】
6:00 to 9:00

【Miyazaki Kanko Hotel】
6:30 to 9:30 (except April 22th : 6:00 to 9:30 )

【M’s Clare Hotel】
6:00 to 9:30

You will incur the cost of all other meals and beverages.

Hospitality Room

A Hospitality room is open to all participants for socializing during the tournament. This will be in the same room as Tournament Headquarters (Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort 5th floor "Earth room") open 16:00-22:00pm from April 18th to April 21st. Snacks and beverages will be served here.

At the Golf Course


Registration for participants and partners is dependent on your name and ID number. Please check in at the front desk of each clubhouse every morning.


【Phoenix Country Club】
A Locker number is listed on the score card holder. Opening and closing is with a 4-digit PIN number.

【Miyazaki country Club】
A Locker number is listed on the score card holder. Opening and closing is with a key.

【UMK Country Club】
A Locker number is listed on the score card holder. Opening and closing is with a 4-digit PIN number.

【Aoshima Golf Club】
A Locker number is listed on the score card holder. Opening and closing is with a key.


・Caddies will be assigned at the Phoenix Country Club, Miyazaki Country Club, and UMK Country Club
・There will be no caddies at the Aoshima Golf Club.

Golf Carts

・Golf Carts will not be in use at the Phoenix Country Club or the Miyazaki Country Club.
However, players in Super senior division who want to use a cart or those that have a medical certificate can use a cart as per a request beforehand.
・At the UMK Country Club and Aoshima Golf Club players may ride in the cart (4-seater)

Golf bag

Please bring your golf bag to each course during the tournament and take it back to the hotel after each round.

Starting times and Pairings

・Starting times and pairings for day one and day two will be handed out at registration on April 17th.
・As for days three and four, times will be posted at tournament headquarters by 18:00 the previous night.
・Players staying at the Miyazaki Kanko Hotel can check their times in the lobby of the east building of the hotel.
・Players staying in M’s Clair Miyazaki Hotel can check their times in the lobby of the hotel.
Players can also check times on the pairings page


・Results of each day will be posted at the tournament headquarters every day. Players staying at the Miyazaki Kanko Hotel and M’s Clair Miyazaki Hotel can check
・their results in the lobby of the east building
Players can also check it with the results page.

Driving Range

【Phoenix Country Club】
Register at the reception desk. Then go to the range by cart. It takes about 8 min. One token is 432 JPY for 36 balls.

【Miyazaki Country Club】
Please get a token at the starter's hut by showing your score card holder's locker number. One token is 324 JPY for 30 balls.

【UMK Country Club】
Please get a token at the front desk. One token is 374 JPY for 35 balls.

【Aoshima Golf Club】
Please buy a token at the starter's hut. One token is 440 JPY for 30 balls. You will be charged for the range token(s) when you pay your bill at the end of the round.

Practice Putting Green

Each golf course has a practice putting green.

Photo Session

We will take a photo of each group on the 18th and 19th of April at the Phoenix Country Club.

Tee Markers

Open : Blue tees
Senior : White tees
Super Senior : Gold tees ( Green tees only at Aoshima G.C.)
Ladies : Red tees

Course layout and pin positions

・Phoenix CC, Miyazaki CC and UMK CC : Caddies will advise.
・Aoshima GC : Displayed in the cart.


We will give you a score card with ID, Name and division. Please fill out the score card by yourself. And signatures of both yourself and your maker is needed on the score card. Then put your score card in the scorers box.

Food and drink at the golf club

Each person is responsible for their own food and drink bill. At the end of each round, your green fees and food/drink bill will be totaled. Please pay accordingly with cash or credit card. Each golf course has a lunch break for about for 40 minutes after 9 holes. The cost of lunch will be billed to your account.

Shopping at the pro shop

Any shopping will be charged to your account or you may pay in cash/credit card at the time of purchase.

Partners Tournament

We will have prizes for a partner’s tournament for both day 4-play and day 2-play participants after the tournament. If your tournament position is an odd number, with respect to the scoring list, you will be awarded. You have a 50% chance of winning a prize.


WALG Meeting

WALG Meeting will be held at 15:00 on April 19th at Sheraton Hotel Convention Center 2F, Room "Orchard North"
Bus will leave at 02:30 from UMK Country Club for a committee attendee.


The Executive Committee of the tournament is not responsible for any injuries to participants in the tournament.

Check out

When it is time to check out, please make sure everything is paid up that wasn't included in the package price.